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Saturday, December 31

A nice end of year present

During my frequent rounds through the various OMAS channels I came across something curious when looking at who followed the Twitter account. There was a listed follower. Of course I rifled through and couldn't find this mysterious follower. I then checked and found that it was sorsd. Funnily enough I've come across this store in a previous net surfing session and thought oooo this place seems nice. As you can see there are 95 people being followed, On Many a Street being one of them.

All I can say is that I'm honored by this. Even though this year has been quite patchy in terms of content and posting consistency Georgina and I have tried very hard to make this a priority in our free time and I think this is a good reflection of the work we've put in. The blog is listed up there with many other individuals that I look up to as inspiration, including but not limited to: Lawrence Schlossman of Sartorially Inclined and How To Talk to Girls at Parties, Izzy of The Dandy Project, Steve Salter of Style Salvage and publications such as Inventory and Details.

All I know is that we are on the on and up so you guys can expect more frequent posting and some newer things happening with On Many a Street in 2012.

Check out the list here

Thursday, December 29

On my list - Vibram soled footwear

Viberg - Old Oxford Two Tone Suede
Photos from and available @ F R E E / M A N 

Everywhere you look these days you're going to see at least one example of chunky soled footwear. Today on my excursion to the sales I saw many examples ranging from boots to regular dress shoes like these Vibergs.

Sunday, December 18

On Many a Street Changing in 2012

First of all I'd like to sincerely apologise to all OMAS readers who have stuck and helped us go from strength to strength. It has been an very busy time whereby we've both started university, which you can imagine is both a very taxing and time consuming time. However I will not blame that on the lack of work that has gone into this blog.

Additionally there are a lot of exciting changes that are happening that you will all benefit from in the near future. The OMAS brand is going big and is going to reach you in new and exciting ways that I hope you'll all love. Nothing is completely set in stone as of yet but the foundations are being laid as we speak and I can assure you that you'll be hearing about OMAS very soon.

Once again Georgina and I are very sorry for our lack of posting but it's all for a good cause.

Thank you all