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Thursday, January 19

Mark McNairy 'New Amsterdam' FW12 - Behind the scenes

I know y'all cannot be sick of the barrage of McNairy I've been pelting you with, right? Now we have a behind the scenes look at the shoot for his Fall/Winter 'New Amsterdam' collection. It includes his collaborations with Timbaland and New Era, expanding upon the footwear we saw to include ties and headwear. Also on show was part of the womenswear collection featuring Mark McNairy's daughter, Daisy, who donned a bright yellow vest and a great cropped trouser suit adorned with yellow daisies. It's great to see someone take inspiration from their own lives and incorporate it into their designs. Classic detailing comes in the form of a fur trimmed camel camo coat and witty tag lines on the headwear.

I can't stress enough how much I love this man's work both from his namesake and his work with Woolrich Woolen Mills. To be honest no one right now is doing what he's doing - making one of a kind, fun, expressive clothes that whilst quite off the wall are extremely wearable and classic.

I have my eye on that 'hard head' hat he's done with New Era.

Watch the video We Are The Market posted and check out the screen grabs below

The gorgeous Daisy McNairy showing her modelling chops

Hooman Majd in my hat

Love this coat. The fur lining will assuredly keep you warm next Fall

The inspiration wearing the inspired. Great smart grey suit with cropped trousers, embroidered with pink daisies

God, I hope there's a men's variant to this shirt. That floral print is right up my alley.

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