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Friday, July 27

I Want to wear T-Shirt Party for the rest of my life

Refer to the title.

I've been on a t-shirt kick for a hot minute now - I can't get enough of them. There was a time that I'd not go near a printed t-shirt. I know now that was a phase. Ever since I bought a UT 10th Anniversary Graphic T-Shirt from Uniqlo, I've been on a hunt for the best in printed tees. 

I have this but in white

My friend, Shanice, works with a guy who has a t-shirt company called T-Shirt Party, and it wasn't until this afternoon that I finally took a look at his offerings. They're fantastic. All I can say is that they really know how to pick their images and give them a meaningful context. I saw one at the NTS office yesterday that I fell in love with that I'll try and cop before I head off on my travels.

Jump over to the website and their Tumblr to see more and check out my favourites below.

I saw this one at the NTS offices last night and fell in love. I think it's the flowers.

[all images via tsp]

Fan Optics Launch

I'm sure you've experienced it - that unexpected drop in your inbox that puts a smile on your face. That was me when I got an email invite to Fan Optics Launch event that took place yesterday.

Held in the beautifully laid out and somewhat secret McClintock shop in Covent Garden it was a small task to find only because my friend and I got lost. Luck was on ours and their sides as the day was warm and transitioned into a lovely, balmy evening.

Complimentary drinks and great music provided the perfect backdrop for the inaugural collection of exquisitely crafted Fan Optics eyewear made right here in England - the brain child of graphic designer, Sarah Coburn and product designer Guillaume Furminger. It was wonderful getting to chat with Sarah for a little bit over some rosé, my friend, Shanice, was able to talk to her on a more relatable level as she's had experience with wearing glasses and contacts so for her the collection provided a fresh alternative to the somewhat generic styles you'd see from Vision Express or Specsavers.

Shanice, at one point quipped that 'shopping for glasses is like shopping for jeans - it's hard' and it really is, if you don't get the perfect pair it's going to throw off anything you're trying to achieve with your look. The collection featured six styles of optical and sunglass frames handmade in 3 different acetate colour ways. Whilst all the frames were fantastic you always pick a favourite of anything right? My favourite was the Colby frame (Colby meaning coal town), in the matt black. Striking and classic.

Sarah stated that they set out to create something that was unique and of the highest quality and the brand tries to steer clear of being generic and run of the mill and I think they've achieved that. I really enjoyed myself and it's given me a taste for these kind of situations where I can gain greater insight and talk to new people and that so yeah.

Check them out on their website, Twitter or Facebook. Whilst you're doing that peep the rest of the photos I took from the event below.

Wednesday, July 25

When In Japan #2

The North Face Purple Label (ノースフェイス パープルレーベル) Print Trail Shorts

rehacer (レアセル) Flower Pale Shirt

Cicata (シカタ) Shetland Wool Stadium Jacket

Engineered Garments (エンジニアード ガーメンツ) Paisley Camp Shirt

Final Home (コメント) Double Zip Floral Jacket

Gypsy&Sons (ジプシー アンド サンズ) Selvedge Cotton Cropped Pants

Head Porter Plus (ヘッド・ポーター プラス) Chino Multi

Monro (モンロ) Pare Jacket

Nepenthes (ネペンテス) Paisley Bermuda Short

Niche. (ニッチ) Flower Seeds Shirt

Fan Optics

It's always a great thing to see a new homegrown brand getting recognised and now it's the turn of new company, Fan Optics. The brand have staked their claim with a small yet wonderful collection of eyewear for both women and men. Graphic designer Sarah Coburn and product designer Guillaume Furminger came together and produced Made in England eyewear, styles sitting somewhere between classic and modern. Shapes have a traditional feel in places (keyhole bridges, heavy use of black) while the slightly oversized frames keep things fresh. 

When In Japan

I've been thinking recently and I came to the conclusion that I don't have many running features on here, I've got Grab Your Cards installments that come around when there are some deals to be taken advantage of, but apart from that not much. So, as you can see I've decided that I'm going to make the the When In Japan posts a feature.

From a young age I was fascinated with Japanese culture - more specifically anime, Dragon Ball, the music but not so much the dress. It wasn't until the Gwen Stefani and her crew of Harajuku Girls did I begin getting into the clothing. At first I was 'what's happening', 'why's everything so colourful', 'who taught you how to colour coordinate?'. As time went on an appreciation of the eclectic nature of the dress sense of the Far Easterners and culminated in taking inspiration from it.

I think the first Japanese brand I knew of was Comme des Garcons, this came in the midst of my obsession with street brands - Stussy, Supreme and Carhartt - and seeing this other side where it'd look all 'cool' and had this dishevelled look whilst also being really timeless and structured. It was weird, an oxymoron of sorts. My interest in Comme des Garcons led to finding others such as Undercover, Junya Watanabe and more recently, my personal favourite, Kapital.

I owe my discovery in part to jamesrmcnally and dipping in and out of following Tokyo Fashion Week so this feature is a tool I can use as way of future educating myself and you guys of course of this fascination I have. I hope you all enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 24

Gitman Bros. Vintage AW12

End's selection from the Gitman Vintage AW12 collection has just arrived, with plenty of lighter-weight options in poplin, chambray and pinpoint oxford that are perfect for the current hot and humid climate. These sit perfectly alongside a wide range of heavier-weight flannels with some amazing bold geometric patterns, that have got us looking forward to cooler temperatures in the upcoming months. As usual, they’ve also taken stock of Gitman’s classic oxford cloth button down shirt in a range of more muted colours, something no man’s wardrobe should be without. [via]